Are You Ghosting Me?

A Valentine's Day Exhibition

"Are you ghosting me?" was a Valentine's day present to the city of Montreal in the form of an art exhibition on heartbreak and confusion. It was on display at Espace POP, 5587 ave du Parc, between January 31st and February 14th. Admission was free.

The exhibition was an archiving project that showcased last conversations between people at different stages of their relationships before one of them disappeared. The screenshots were displayed in second-hand frames to emphasize the throw-away nature of these interactions. 

A digital experience made after the exhibition, the media coverage of the project, the curatorial text, and some pictures can be found below. 

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[above] Curatorial Text of the exhibition


[on the left] A digital experience.

Content: Zeynep N. Kecelioglu

Artistic director: Mathieu Coates

[below] Some frames from the exhibition. 

Photographer: Can Unal ©

© 2019 by Zeynep N. Kecelioglu

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