I am Zeynep Kecelioglu. I am currently doing my MA in Art Business at Sotheby's Institute of Art. My intention is to understand the changes in the art market, emerging sectors, and the behaviours of collectors better so I can be of service to collectors.

I graduated from McGill University's business school with a major in Strategic Management. I always appreciated taking a holistic view, and I believe in order to understand a company, an understanding of the market is essential. During my time at McGill, I minored in Anthropology to further this holistic approach, as I believe an understanding of how culture works is fundamental in getting to know a business or a market. Another reason for minoring in Anthropology was my admiration for the visual culture of humans.

I got to further explore the state of our current visual culture when I worked as a production coordinator at Spotful, a tech start-up based in Montreal that specialized in interactive video tools. My clients were mostly people in creative industries, with a focus on fine arts. 

I believe coming from a mixture of business, culture, and tech backgrounds enable me to understand the art market from a different interdisciplinary perspective. I would like to especially understand the changes that will happen with the coming wealth and how the millenials will affect the art and collectibles market following this shift, as well as changes that will occur in the online art market.